Hi Cookie Jar lovers!
I have a Hey Diddle Diddle cookie jar in mint condition. It is the version with gold trim. It is very nice. I see only just like it on eBay (gold trimmed) for the asking price of $499.00. I would be willing to take less than that. I have a very sick puppy and I need to dig up some cash to help with vet bills! Make me a reasonable offer!

Hey Diddle Diddle Cookie Jar. Gold Trimmed. 9.75" High/ 1940's Made by Robinson Rasbottom Pottery Company in Roseville, Ohio. This is a delightfully whimsical jar. No chips, cracks or dings. This is the deluxe gold trimmed jar. This jar is mint and perfect. The Ransbottom brothers started a pottery in 1900 in Ironspot, Ohio. In 1920, they merged with the Robinson Clay Product Company of Akron, Ohio, to become Robinson-Ransbottom. The factory is still working.

Here is the link to the cookie jar in eBay. Mine looks just like it. http://cgi.ebay.com/Hey-D...6.m20.l1116#ht_500wt_808

Thanks for looking!